06/30/2020 - the day that EA and EA Sports made an unprecedented statement with regard to their contempt and disrespect for fans of Madden franchise mode.

For this reason we made the unprecedented decision to bring Madden Planet out of retirement.

For each of our 100 Days of Franchise we will remind you of a feature that we once had, that EA Sports then removed never to be seen again. We will add a different feature every day during our 100 days of franchise.

  • Day 3 : Positional coaches - OC, DC, and ST (missing since Madden PS2)
  • Day 2 : Studio based Half Time Show (missing since Madden 10)
  • Day 1 : The Tony Bruno Radio Show (missing since Madden PS2)

We support the #FixMaddenFranchise campaign. We appeal to the hierarchy of EA not to ignore gamers but to listen and act on our concerns. There have been too many failed promises, too many wishlists that have gone ignored and too much silence from developers who refuse to listen.

The Madden community is not "toxic" and we're not a "vocal minority".